Monday, August 20, 2007

All Blogs Go to Heaven

This Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog.

It's been a good run, but i never really expected her to last, in this form, as long as she did. This was the pupae, now we're moving into the chrysalis stage (thank you Freshman Earth Science!).

I've finally built the site i wanted a year ago and if you've stuck around this long, please move over to my new site, There, you will find my new site, with information on my clothing line, KWblack, and you will find my new blog, The Conglomerate: The Collective Thoughts of Adam Mack Wright. (Presumptious? You betcha!)

Please update your RSS readers, Favorites and most importantly, the links on your own blogs...this should clean things up nicely for you.

See you over at the new spot.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Suns v. Spurs: A Few Comments

Thanks to Kevo for spurring me into action here.

My thoughts on last night's game (game 4) in brief and profane fashion. Viewer discretion advised.

Update before you read: Diaw and Stoudemire have been suspended. Which, as i'll articulate in this horseshit.

My thoughts:
1. Robert Horry is a little b-tch. Always has been. He loafs for 3+ quarters and then stands on the three point line waiting for an actual star to draw a double team and dish to him so he can shoot his “big shot.” Maybe if he played a little harder at the beginning of the game he wouldn't just be known for the end of it.

2. I’ve never been a huge basketball fan or a fan of the NBA in general, but this year I’ve actually watched most of the playoff games and had a good interest in them. If the NBA suspends Diaw and Stoudemire for last night and doesn’t suspend Horry, Bowen (on principle), Ginobli (for flopping), Tony Parker (because Eva doesn’t look that good anymore and she doesn’t even watch the damn games, she just sits there and text messages the entire time. And because he’s French.) and Duncan (for his belief that he’s never committed a foul in his entire NBA career) then I probably will stop watching entirely, they lose a fan (I’m sure they care...)

3. F-ck NBA sportswriters who say that the Suns started getting the calls late and that changed the game. The spurs bend Nash over the entire game and never get called for it while the slight breeze that knocks over Ginobli/Parker gets a flagrant and a suspension. Horsesh-t. They've been fouling Nash off the pick and roll all series long and he hasn't been open or had the passing angles he usually has because of it, yet they get no call. Something i read this morning said that the Spurs get officiated a different way because the refs are so used to watching them play that way. If you watch Bruce Bowen slap at the ball 500,000 times a night for the last 8 seasons you just get used to that being the way the guy does it and you stop seeing it as a foul. It's BS.

4. The Spurs left their bench during the fight too and they did earlier in the game when James Jones got tied up in the first half (why isn't James Jones playing more, he's an underrated defender and if he gets the 3-ball going he could really help.). There just wasn’t a TNT camera on them at the time for Sportscenter to show over and over and make a big deal of. If anyone gets suspended, it’s not the NBA’s or the player’s fault. It’s that awful Craig Sager (seriously who buys his suits?) for making a big deal about it. And last night I was actively heckling my TV every time Steve Kerr talked (I’m not chanting PLO like my fellow ASU alumnae but I came close.)

5. My dad wants to now why Patty Burke isn't playing (besides the fact that he hasn't played all year.) His point is that he's a huge tall guy who could guard Duncan and hack the hell out of him and nobody would care if he picks up fouls because we wouldn't necisarily need him at the end of the game like we need Kurt Thomas or Amare. I wouldn't necissarily like that style of play, with just putting a scrub in to hack a star player, but let's just say that my dad isn't completely wrong either.

6th and final point. In the 3rd quarter, i turned the game off. We were down by 10 and it wasn't even fun to watch the Suns get beat up, miss their shots, play stupid and get slogged to death be a methodically frustrating and whiny Spurs team. So i check back in with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, see that we're still getting beat up but decide to watch the rest of the game just for kicks. I was busy text messaging all of the people i knew that were watching the game, lamenting our inability to do anything to get by the Spurs. I mentioned to a friend how great it would be (now down only 5) if we could make just a little run at the end and completely steal the game out from under them and come back to PHX with homecourt advantage (2 of the last 3 games.) Well it happened and everyone gets to celebrate a victory, EXCEPT that if our boys get suspended for game 5 then we'll just go right back to being the dogs.

Anyway, exciting series. If it keeps it up, who knows, i'll probably post here again before it's all over.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Put Big Mac in the Hall

I'm a little late on this but hey, that's nothing new. I just read this Bill Simmons' article about putting Mark McGwire in the Hall of Fame and i couldn't help but agree with it (never mind that my garage is filled with recently worthless signed McGwire memorabilia...).

I think it's pretty appalling that he won't get in and i liked Simmons' point about the same sports writers that wrote books about his amazing home run streak and made a boatload of money on it are now the same people who aren't voting for him.

What McGwire and Sosa did that year saved baseball and created a lot of lifelong fans. I can attest to the fact that i actively disliked baseball until the home run chase of 98 and now there isn't a night between March and November that i won't be checking my fantasy league or watching the games. This year i plan on following it closer than ever. I still remember when McGwire's 62nd home run went over the fence. I'll probably never forget it. And i'm still pissed that Barry Bonds broke that record a few years later.

It wasn't banned by baseball when he did it and nobody has any hard evidence that he did anything wrong. If this was a criminal trial it would have been thrown out at the pre-trial hearings, but instead the talking heads and the self-righteous court of public opinion can tear down the man/men that saved the game we call America's past time. It's appalling and hypocritical.

Anyway, read Simmons' article and let me know if you feel any different.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Alex Smith's Balls

So it's been about 2 months since i've posted here, and you'll have to forgive me. With the Broncos struggling, the Cardinals being painfully predictable (going 4-2 in their conference but 6-10 overall, hurting Matt Leinart for the season, etc.) and a girl winning my football pool, well there just hasn't been a lot to go on. Besides, my other two blogs are keeping my pretty busy. But the main reason is that i've been working a lot of nights which keeps me from being in front of my TV watching and commenting on the sports action as it takes place. Hopefully that will be over soon.

Well anyway it's a busy and hilarious day in sports today as Mike Tyson was arrested for cocaine posession after almost getting into an accident with a cop at Indian School and Drinkwater in Scottsdale. I work in that area and drive through that intersection almost daily and knowing that Mike Tyson was within 50 miles of me, well, it kinda freaks me out a little. And i think the first 15 seconds of this video explains why:

This, i also found interesting from Fox Sports Week 17 Preview:
The San Francisco Chronicle reported last week that an NFL rule change allows each team to bring a dozen balls with them to away games for use on offense. The balls must be examined by a referee, but they can be doctored to some extent to remove the slick waterproofing from their surface. Smith and Niners equipment supervisor Steve Urbaniak give Smith's balls a good working over during the week, running them under some water, scrubbing them with a brush, and drying them with a towel. "I'll go through them and check them to where they're feeling decent," Smith said of the process. "From Alex's standpoint, he's very happy with it,'' Urbaniak said. "It gives him confidence going in knowing he doesn't have to worry about it."

Smith isn't the only one who is happy after a thorough ball-buffing. Frank Gore had some fumbling problems early in the year. But Gore doesn't seem to have any trouble holding onto Smith's balls. The Broncos, who come from the capital of ball-doctoring, may want to keep Jay Cutler's balls in a humidor so the rookie's passes don't sail on him. But the Broncos backs and receivers may have trouble grasping soggy balls.

No word on if he uses Gold Bond or regular Talcum to condition his balls.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Now we know who gave it to Paris harder

Wow…just wow. There are no words to explain what just happened on Monday Night Football. Actually, there are thousands. Anyone who has lived in this valley for the last ten years or more shouldn’t have been surprised. Anyone who has been a fan of football shouldn’t have been surprised. In fact anyone who has had a pulse for the last 26 years should not have been surprised. Still, despite its inevitability, it was a disheartening -- if not suicidal -- national window into the worst franchise in all of professional sports.
And the only people I feel sorry for are the people who actually tried. Sunday night, as the Bronco’s lucked their way past the always-beaten Oakland Raiders, I watched LaMont Jordan fumble on a big drive and then literally try to tear his teeth out of his face because he was so upset about giving the game away. I mean, I’ve never seen a football player this genuinely upset. And I have to imagine that there are maybe 3 players on the Cardinals that felt like that after last night. Leinart, Boldin and James. Leinart should be upset, the guy played a perfect game, he was smart, made good decisions, kept his team in the game, never gave up and did everything in his power to allow the Cardinals to win that game. Same goes for Boldin, who played his ass off and stepped up in Larry Fitzgerald’s place and made it happen. James should be upset because i’m betting that he woke up this morning wishing he could take the league minimum to be back with the Colts. Neil Rackers should maybe be upset because the kicker is always the goat but it isn’t even close to his fault. Would they have won if he came through? Yes. Did they lose because he didn’t? No.
I feel bad for those players because they’ve come into an organization and tried to change the culture of it. But losing big games, blowing easy leads and making incredibly stupid decisions are embedded so deep in the culture of that franchise that it’ll take more than those few guys to change it. A win last night would have helped immensely. Instead, I’m going to pick the Raiders to get their first win of the season next week against a trashed Cardinals spirit.
Watching that game last night, when they had to settle for field goals in the first half instead of scoring one, or maybe even two more touchdowns and putting the game really out of reach, I had a feeling that there was no way the Cardinals could hold that lead. I kept saying, “They’re going to blow it. They’re going to find a way to screw this up.” And they did, because that’s what I’ve come to expect. When it was 23-10, I knew that the Bears only needed two touchdowns, and I knew how easy those scores would be to get against that team. And it happened in the most ludicrous and heartbreaking ways possible. Defensive touchdowns and a special teams play. You’re not supposed to lose games like that. If the Bear’s offense comes to life and gets a few scores, then you can say that the Bears were a better team and they rebounded and went and won that football game. But that didn’t happen. They Cardinals gift-wrapped it for them and left it on their doorstep. You can’t give away a game better than that. Marty Schottenheimer is probably jealous, because not even Marty gives a game away like that.
The talking heads are calling the Bears a “team of destiny” because they get paid to spew bullshit and hyperbole of that magnitude. But it’s hard to argue that the Bears weren’t destined to win that game. Their first play from scrimmage was a long bomb to Bernard Berrian that Grossman missed by about 2 steps. If they hit that pass and break the Cardinal’s backs from play #1, then we’re not even having this conversation. The Bears were supposed to win that game and they did. It’s like the Cardinals knew it all along and just couldn’t convince themselves otherwise.
Matt Leinart will be a great NFL quarterback. I just hope the Cardinals don’t let him leave with such a rattle in his skull about losing that he never shakes it. Why is Jake Plummer accident prone? Why is he gun shy? I blame the Cardinals.
Sometimes you can’t get that voice of losing out of your head. I just hope Matty Leinart manages to avoid it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Live Blog of A's - Tigers, Game 2

5:22 - Why don't the A's open the upper deck? Has anyone addressed this? That makes about as much sense as starting Neifi Perez in an ALCS. Oh wait.

5:23 - And as if to prove a point, Neifi immediately strikes out on 3 pitches.

5:26 - Esteban DUIza gets the Tigers 1,2,3 to start the game.

5:30 - Verlander is from Manakin Sabot, Virginia. What do you think they called it for short? Because you know they didn't call it that.

5:32 - Everyone's favorite board game maker, Milton Bradley, just blooped a broken bat single. 1-0 Athletics.

5:34 - We just had out first Balk of the playoffs!

5:36 - The Big Hurt just got blown away on fastballs. He looked older than Jesse Orosco on those swings.

5:42 - They just showed the Tommy Lasorda commercial where he's trying to coax the Cubs fan out of the tree. The fans wife says he's been up there since his team was eliminated from post season play. So he's been in the tree since June? (Neifi should be up in the tree with that guy. Not playing tonight.)

5:43 - When did Pudge stop being pudgy? When Giambi lost weight like that, he had to "apologize" for it.

5:46 - My fantasy all-star shortstop comes across the plate to tie it 1-1. For anyone wondering, i finally beat my friend Danny this year after a 4 year losing streak. My football team is about to make a come back too.

5:48 - Little John is now doing Subway commercials? Do they have Crunk Juice in the soda fountain now? And i think i already asked this but when did John Lovitz come out of the closet? One day he's "The Critic" the next he's the effeminate director of Subway commercials?

5:50 - Steve Lyons is about to catch McCarver in meaningless comments. I mean, i know the guy dropped his pants standing on 1st during a game but just stop talking every once in a while Steve. Or go take your pants off. Just don't talk.

5:57 - Lyons doesn't take my advice.

6:06 - After another Kotsay double, the maker of Monopoly drives a ball deep to the right field stands. 3-1 Oakland.

6:13 - The ManPerm that is Magglio Ordonez singles after Polanco. Detroit has 1st and 2nd no outs with the fantasy assassin Carlos Guillen coming up...And he strikes out.

6:15 - I knew that Chris Shelton wasn't on the post-season roster but remember when he hit 12 home runs in May? Seems like forever ago.

6:18 - Tigers have bases juiced with 1 out. Marilyn Monroe's son is up. (No really. Craig Monroe's mom was name Marilyn. I'm not making this up.) Monroe singles up the middle. 3-2 A's.

6:22 - Chavez just pulled an A-Rod. E5, Tigers score 2. 4-3 Tigers. Then a sac fly by Unbeatable Inge, 5-3.

6:31 - The only time i like Steve Lyons is when he makes fun of how bad he was when he played. That's funny. Now if we could just teach Sean Salisbury.

6:34 - Verlander is getting better as the game goes on. This doesn't bode well for the A's.

6:37 - Scutaro just got flattened by a 98 mph fastball. That was some serious chin music. They told Verlander to throw that one at the bull.

6:58 - Why is Frank Thomas swinging first pitch? Did he fall asleep and wake up on the Dbacks?

7:04 - Monroe is killing Loaiza tonight. Kendall even came out to discuss it with him.

7:06 - It's time for Loaiza to come out, or get drunk, or drive his car at reckless speeds. But his time for pitching is over. 7-3 Tigers.

7:09 - Hey, the creepy Joe Buck commercial just played. Thanks for the name guys.

7:12 - Chavez just interrupted Chris Meyer's speech about Corey Lidle with a bomb to centerfield. 7-4 Tigers. And i was trying to avoid the Lidle thing, but damn that's sad. I watched the news about the plane crash all morning and didn't find out that it was Corey Lidle until i turned on SportsCenter at 4. It's pretty shocking to say the least and I'm sure it'll be a storyline for quite a while to come.

7:19 - Lyons just said something about Jim Leyland making sure Verlander left the game with confidence by "giving him a slap on the rear-end." Alright sister, whatever you say.

7:24 - Why there isn't a take sign with a 3-1 count, down by 3 for the A's. I'll never know. Just popped out to end the inning.

7:35 - If i ever own a Nissan Versa, I'm driving it off a bridge and i don't even care if I'm in it or not.

7:40 - This game has completely gone dead. I wonder if players on playoff teams, especially the ones who had multiple game leads in their divisions all year, get so used to mailing in the late innings --whether they're leading or not -- that they do the same in the playoffs. The A's are only down three...wait scratch that...only down 2 because Milton Bradley took time off from playing Sorry to just annihilate another ball to left center. I mean that one was crushed. OK, back to my point. With the exception of Bradley, it seems to me like the other A's are just waving at pitches, giving up on at-bats and otherwise playing like they've already lost this game. I mean, they're in this game. Let's see how Frank does. I might let them off the hook.

7:45 - The Big hurt looks like he takes practice swings with a huge piece of rebar wrapped in tape. I'm serious, whatever they just showed him with looked like rebar from a skyscraper. It was a couple inches thick. Anyway, it didn't help. He struck out and is now wearing the golden sombrero for the evening. Thanks for the help big guy. Of all the guys to carry this team, Milton Bradley? Really? You know you're in trouble if you're an A's fan.

7:52 - Craig Monroe just crushed a ball that missed the left-field foul pole by maybe a foot. Next pitch, he strikes out. Cruel game this baseball.

7:54 - I've seen girls in my company beer league softball games that field their position better than D'angelo Jimenez.

8:04 - Rodney just fanned the side. A's are down to their last 3 outs. Nick Swisher just had one of the ugliest at-bats since Steve Lyons played the game.

8:08 - Getting insurance can be expensive and overwhelming to many people. Curtis Granderson gets his with one swing. 8-5 Tigers.

8:21 - The A's get their first non-Milton Bradley related hit of the game. Kendall on first with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th.

8:23 - Kotsay has full count...gotta get bradley to the plate...Kotsay singles....Bradley the assassin comes to the plate as the tying run. We got a ball game.

8:26 - Bradley runs out a dribbler and the bases are loaded. Wow. Big Hurt is up with a chance to be a hero.

8:27 - Pops it up. Game.

Well that was exciting. First game of the NLDS tomorrow. A's down 0-2. Not good for them, but how much of Detroit are they going to burn down if they win this series? Can't wait.

Michigan State Radio Show

This is old, but you probably haven't heard it. This is a recording of a host on Michigan State talk radio becoming about as agitated as humanly possible. Some of it is pretty uncomfortable, but definitely hilarious.

It's long, but it's worth it.